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The verb [ICT] Team

Steph Barnard | Managing Editor

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Steph BarnardSteph somehow let her boyfriend con her into moving to Kansas from Wisconsin so he could go to graduate school at Wichita State University. She’s done her best to make the most of it and, as such, is thrilled to be a part of verb [ICT].

Steph has a BA in journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. She’s a substitute teacher for several area school districts and spends her free time knitting, spoiling her cat and thrift shopping. Steph is a copy editor at heart but also loves to write about fashion, politics, restaurants and whatever else she happens to be interested in this week.

Ashley Perkins | Editor-at-Large

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ashely perkins 2Ashley is a life-long Wichita resident, now in her second year teaching high school journalism and advising the newspaper and yearbook staff at her alma mater.

Her love for writing began in high school and she has since written for several publications, most recently Naked City Magazine. Ashley is very excited to be an editor and contributor for verb [ICT].

Ashley is currently getting her Master of Arts in Education from WSU. In her (limited) free time, she enjoys watching any TV show Bravo can come up with and sipping dirty martinis at Mort’s in Old Town. Cheers!

Bailey Ketterman | Staff Writer & Copy Editor

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Bailey KettermanBailey is a small-town girl, whom, after a brief stint in the big city of Wichita, has gone back to her roots in the boondocks.

A wife, mother, and step-mother at the ripe old age of 26, she further devotes herself to thankless activities by teaching high school English to the fine youth of rural Cowley County. In doing so, she has found her first (seemingly useless) degree in Psychology more than helpful, as it really isn’t what you know, it’s how you use mind control to coerce kids into learning. It also helps that she has the sense of humor of a 12-year-old boy.

Likes: Sushi, martinis, puns, caffeine, indie movies, and adolescent humor and literature.

Dislikes: Intolerance, bad grammar, skinny jeans.

Tyler Stalder | Technology & Business Manager

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Tyler StalderTyler spends his days as a web developer, specializing in internal application development and design. This role includes making data pretty (information architecture), easy (usability), and mappy (neo-cartography). He begrudgingly spends his evenings answering Shea’s pesky technology and business questions.

Hailing from Chapman, Kansas, Tyler attended Fort Hays State University where he received his Bachelors of Science in Information, Networking, and Telecommunications before moving to Wichita in the summer of 2008.

Tyler enjoys perusing Old Town during Final Friday, chowing down on River City Brewery’s white pizza, rock climbing, and taking random, spontaneous trips. You’re likely to find him (along with his MacBook Pro and moleskine notebook) at Caffe Posto on Sunday afternoons.

Jana Curl | Staff Writer

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Jana CurlJana grew up in Maize, Kansas and aside from a 5 and 1/2 year stint in Kansas City, has lived in Wichita her entire adult life. She graduated from Wichita State University and is proud to be a Shocker.

Jana worked in advertising for 8 years and then made the leap to the corporate side to work in Bank Marketing.

If there is a reality TV show on, there is a pretty good chance Jana is watching it. She is a huge sports fan and thinks that March Madness is better than Christmas.

She calls the southwest side of Wichita home where she lives with her husband and their pets, Sassy the Magic 8 Ball, Sonny the cat and Shelby the dog.

Jenn Garvin | Staff Writer

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JennJenn recently graduated from Kansas State University after studying Animal Sciences, Pre-Veterinary Medicine, and International Agriculture. Originally intending to be a veterinarian, she decided to be a defender of justice instead.

After (randomly) discovering she could sing opera during her sophomore year in college, Jenn was invited to perform in an international choir, which led to travels around Europe, a CD, and a film. Her junior year was spent taking cross country road trips and experimenting with writing literature, most of it unfinished. Her senior year was put off (much to the dismay of her already confused and frustrated collegiate adviser) to accept a teaching job in Ghana, West Africa. After teaching at the Liberian refugee camp, she decided to start an after-school program for young refugee girls that involved finger painting, singing Beatles classics in Twi-nglish, and waltzing. Her last year of school would have been terribly boring after all of that, if she hadn’t backpacked through Baja and met the dreamy hunk that is her boyfriend.

Random Skills: Speaks some Ewe, Twi, French, Spanish, Italian and Hebrew. Knows how to diagnose and tune her car. Dances ballet. Plays piano. Roasts a perfect chicken. Pulls the most awesome pranks. Can probably identify at least ten deadly food safety hazards in any kitchen.

Random Unskills: Can’t jump straight up. Has trouble with a 23 year old cowlick. Probably won’t laugh when it’s appropriate. Always, without fail, spills something on her new favorite white t-shirt.

Other Randomness: Was bitten by a mountain lion, grew up on an idyllic farm in Tennessee, has been diagnosed with two different kinds of Malaria, loves to sail, write, compose, eat, and go to opening nights at the movies. Has, in the past two years, lost most of her stuff to a house fire, a flood, two robberies, and a tornado. She calls that “streamlining”.

Her Message to the World: $5,000 dollars can either pay for breast implants, or run an African elementary school for a decade. Priorities, people.

Maria Mannani | Staff Writer

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Maria MannaniMaria is a senior at Wichita State University, majoring in Communication with an emphasis in Print Journalism. She currently works as a marketing assistant for NRPGroup Inc., a news reporter for The Sunflower News, a freelance writer for Naked City magazine, and a news reporter for Scoopfire.com.

Born and raised in Wichita, Maria’s hobbies include shopping, cooking, exercising, and home decor. She has one cat, Midnight, who she adores. On the weekends, she can usually be found in Old Town, at random restaurants that serve primarily breakfast, or at the mall.

Stephanie Cloud Seery | Staff Writer

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Stephanie Cloud SeeryStephanie doesn’t actually live in Wichita anymore, but she’s spending more and more of her free time there. She liveson 6 acres between Cheney and Cheney lake. She has fun with her husband tending an organic garden and raising chickens. However, since that doesn’t pay the bills, she works in an infectious disease clinic as a master paper pusher and needle jockey. Yep, she’ll draw your blood, give you an injection, refill your meds, and argue with your insurance company…all before lunch. She started out as a Medical Assistant, and since then has been a perpetual college student most of her life. Hopefully this will all lead up to a Master’s degree as a Physician’s Assistant very soon.

Meanwhile, she volunteers for First Friday, hangs out at the Indian Center occasionally, likes to use the West branch of the Y, and can be found anywhere with good coffee and free Wi-Fi (hiding in the corner). She’s married with five, yes, FIVE, children. Now you know why she’s hiding out in coffee shops; it’s the relative peace and quiet.

You’ll find out fast that she’s Native American. She’s a proud member of the Creek tribe, and she’ll probably laugh in your face if you try to tell her about your great-great-grandma who was part Cherokee. Stephanie can make traditional Creek dishes, including really great fry bread, if you’re ever looking to clog your arteries.

You can talk her into going out for sushi anytime, and also to sing karaoke, go dancing, or spend some time thrift store hopping. She can be bribed with chocolate covered expresso beans, shiny things, and awesome hats. Her favorite places to spend her paycheck are the local health food stores, bookstores, anyplace that sells beads, and all the ethnic food markets.

Finally? She can’t turn a cartwheel. She is a horrible photographer. Never let her drive a truck and trailer in reverse. Ever.

Liz Sothman | Staff Writer

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LizA Kansas native, Liz spent her first 18 years in Northwest Kansas before venturing to Wichita to complete her degree in Strategic Communication. As a small town girl who always wanted to be a city girl, she loves all that there is to do and explore in the ICT. Liz is a recent graduate from Wichita State University, taking things day by day and living life to the fullest.

Liz’s passions include coffee, cooking, traveling, and drinking moderate amounts of wine, all activities usually accompanied by her boyfriend. Liz also has a sidekick, Riley, which just so happens to be the cutest Siamese cat to have ever came from the Kansas Humane Society.

Other useful things to know about Liz: Sushi is the way to her heart, fall is her favorite time of year, and she despises cheesecake.

Dani M. Stone | Staff Writer

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Dani StoneA lifetime resident of Wichita, Dani had nearly completed a degree in English from Newman University when she panicked at the thought of poverty with a Liberal Arts degree so she switched majors to Speech Language Pathology at Wichita State University. Five years and three different majors later she graduated with a BS in Business Administration proving if nothing else, she’s well rounded.

Married to Dougie for 11 years, the great love of her life second only to mexican food, Dani has two young children and embraces the WAHM (work at home mom) title where she edits/audits insurance documents and when the mood strikes her, a little medical transcription. When she’s not laughing with her family and/or embarrassing them in public, Dani can be found wandering the aisles of Borders books, managing her book club, spending time with friends, and dreaming of her next trip to Las Vegas.

As a North High graduate, Dani grew up in Riverside and Northwest Wichita. Currently living smack dab in the middle of Maize and Goddard, Dani is proud of the recent boom in west side commercial development and hopes to showcase this misunderstood little burb in VerbICT, as well as investigate and report on fun, family-friendly things to do in Wichita. She’s also secretly hoping this gig as staff writer will give her more excuses to seek out the best mexican food Wichita has to offer, but, you know, mainly it’s for the family-friendly stories.

Matt Tharp | Staff Writer, Photographer & Designer

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Matt TharpAs Matt says, no one does bios better than Playboy. Here’s his:

Favorite Activities: Designing logos, painting, and researching the newest Japanese denim brands.

Guilty Pleasures: Watching the Disney Channel with my son.

Ambitions: Build a profitable brand and open a boutique for my many obsessions.

Best Concert: Hm… Tied between Counting Crows and TV on the Radio

Favorite Books: Takashi Murakami/Superflat, Y the Last Man, and Watchmen

Favorite Movies: Akira and Role Models

Favorite TV show: Entourage

Sports played: Basketball

Pets: Mastiff (Gustofson) and Shitzu (Zeus)

Foods I crave: Pizza and Chick-Fil-A

People I admire: Jonathan Ive & Steve Jobs for making amazing designs that you put in your pocket and then selling a bajillion of them. And my wife – no one keeps it real more than she does.

Jobs before Modeling: (Ha!) My jobs have all been redesigning businesses so they can make more money.

Favorite song to sing: Are You Gonna Go My Way by Lenny Kravitz got me laid. So I guess that one.

Sexiest city in the world: Tie between SF, NYC, and every major city in Europe

In the morning: I’m dreaming.

Good First Date Idea: Thai Food works every time. On my last first date, we ate Thai Food… and I married her.

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