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[9 Dec 2009 | by Andrea Anglin]
[read] Review: “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett

There was a time in this nation when, for African-Americans, racial barriers existed for everything from marriage to bathrooms. When it was less deadly to be seen and not heard – a time when friendships between women of two races simply didn’t happen, especially if one of those women was your maid.
First-time author Kathryn Stockett writes about the struggles of African-American maids in the 1960s and the women they worked for in the novel The Help. Set in the segregated and volatile town of Jackson, Mississippi, The Help …

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[8 Dec 2009 | by Carly Holmes]
[do] Guide to the South Side

Last week, I was talking with a friend who told me he had recently been working on the south side. I chimed in to talk about my experience working on South Broadway (at Dillons at 47th and Broadway… don’t get the wrong idea). It was at this point he gave me an “Oh no she didn’t” look and promptly told me that he’d been south but not THAT far south. This conversation solidified that more people should be exposed to the greatness of South Wichita because it’s obvious that some …

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[8 Dec 2009 | by Shea Sylvia]
[primp] Cut & Color: Best Salons

Moving to a new city is stressful enough without worrying about finding a stylist. Every woman (and a fair number of dudes) wishes it was as easy as picking a salon out of the phone book (wait – people still use phone books?) and taking your chances. I mean, you can still go that route, but you may end up with hair so bleached that it’s falling out and an unintentionally asymmetrical bob. I’ve been there. The rest of the story involves a lot of tears and a new hat …

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[8 Dec 2009 | by Matt Tharp]
[think] 5 Steps for Leaving 2009 in the Past

I can’t wait for 2009 (and all that it represents) to be over. I don’t think I’m alone; I imagine this is a year most people would like to forget. And since I can’t personally end war, cure disease, fix the economy, create jobs, solve the health care crisis, create cheap and abundant oil or regulate the temperature of the earth, I will have to focus on other ways of making 2010 a better year.
Here are my 5 steps for leaving 2009 in the past:

It’s only one year. When …

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[7 Dec 2009 | by Scott Elpers]
[wear] Men’s Winter Fashion Essentials

Remember those days in late November when temperatures were flirting with the 70s and you didn’t even have to wear a jacket outside? Yeah, those days are long over. Instead, it’s cold – really cold. And those warm, sunny days aren’t coming back anytime soon.
With the cold comes those old ugly winter clothes you’ve been sporting since Nickelback was popular. You know, the bulky leather jacket you bought back in the day at Wilson’s. Those cheap gloves your mother stuffed in your stocking.
Well, you’re a big boy now, and you …

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[7 Dec 2009 | by Jenn Garvin]
[read] Three Books That Will Change The Way You Eat

You may be thinking “Why does my diet need any revolutionizing?” and rightly so. I mean, you’re a carefully selective consumer, right? You buy the most ethical foods you can find, and make sure this food is grown by producers that not only make the most humane decisions, but care less for profit than your health and the welfare of the delicate Earth upon which our livelihoods depend…
Yeah, right. You are more likely the buy-as-you-go, hunger, convenience, and economically minded consumer, bent on getting in and getting out …

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[7 Dec 2009 | by Ashley Perkins]
[eat] Doc’s Steakhouse

I first heard about Doc’s Steakhouse a year ago, when one of my fellow teachers suggested it as our lunch destination during inservice. The conversation went something like this:
Teacher: Hey, want to go to Doc’s Steakhouse for lunch?
Me: Oh, you mean Doc Green’s?
Teacher: (Hysterical laughter) No, definitely not Doc Green’s. Doc’s Steakhouse.
Me: OK…
Once we arrived at the steakhouse, located at 1515 N. Broadway, it only took a few minutes of taking in the atmosphere and looking at the menu to realize why my colleague had laughed at my mistake. While Doc’s …

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[7 Dec 2009 | by verb [ICT] staff]
[do] Holiday Lights Brighten Up Wichita

Love ‘em or hate ‘em (in which case, stop being such a Scrooge, holiday-hater!), it’s that time of year again: colorful lights and outdoor decorations are brightening up the cold, dark nights in Wichita. Several local non-profit organizations have set up elaborate displays to help raise money, while others are simply dressing up their own homes for fun. Don’t miss the sights at these spots around town during the next few weeks:

Lights on the Lake at Heartspring (29th Street N. between Rock and Webb): This popular attraction is a fundraiser …

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[4 Dec 2009 | by Veronica Hill]
[do] Cheap Date: Ice Skating

Maybe this isn’t so much of an informative piece as it is a public plea for someone to take me on this date. Is that too much to ask? I’ve always considered it the epitome of the perfect, picturesque winter rendezvous. I don’t know if hipsters ice skate, but expect a progress report soon.
An evening at the Wichita Ice Center is a great option for couples who are tired of the stale dinner-and-a-movie on Saturday and makes for an awesome, no-pressure first date activity as well. It’s …

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[4 Dec 2009 | by verb [ICT] staff]
[adopt] a New Friend from the Kansas Humane Society

Every Friday, we’ll show you a few adorable, adoptable pets from the Kansas Humane Society and dare you to resist their cute lil’ faces. Want to bring one of these loveable cats or dogs home with you? Visit KHS from 11 am – 6:30 pm Monday through Saturday and 1 – 5 pm Sunday. Have a happy adoption story to tell? Email us at editors@verbict.com and we might feature you in an upcoming post.
Diesal, a 6-year-old German Shepherd mix, is very playful and loves to run. He was raised around kids …

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[4 Dec 2009 | by Denise Grays]
[do] Photography Classes in Wichita

I’m fairly new to digital photography –  I received my first digital camera in 2007. Only after shooting in “auto” or various “scene” modes for a while did I decide to actually read the manual, learn what ISO, shutter speed and aperture meant and go “manual.” Knowing what the terms mean and actually putting that knowledge into some kind of artsy beautiful action is whole other monster though. After stumbling around, reading lots of articles on the internet, exploring other photographers’ work and becoming intimidated rather than inspired I decided to look into taking classes. …

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[3 Dec 2009 | by Carly Holmes]
[drink] Beer 101

I’ve been drinking a lot of beer lately.
Before I have to go all Amy Winehouse and say, “No, No, No” to rehab, let me explain. As I’ve previously mentioned, a year ago, I didn’t know beer besides Bud Light even existed. Now that I’ve had a taste of what I’ve been missing all my life, I can’t get enough. I’m intrigued by all these concepts: winter beers, lagers, stouts, ales… I could go on and on. There is so much to learn and yet I’m just one person so I …

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[3 Dec 2009 | by Amanda Mundt]
[work] Don’t be a Dumbass When Applying for a Job

I don’t envy the unemployed – it’s tough out there.  If you want a job in this market, you’ve got to give blood, sweat, and tears.  Or at least put in some hard work.  Looking for a job IS a job, and you have to treat it like that.
Now, I’m no expert, but I have helpful advice for people in the job market.  My number one piece of advice for job seekers:  Don’t be a dumbass. That simple.  Yeah, I know it’s hard for some of you.  Even impossible for a few.  But if you want a job, …

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[3 Dec 2009 | by Andrea Anglin]
[read] Join the Club: BookEnd Babes

Malena Lott is a woman with a vision. Her goal? Bringing book clubs back with some sass. “Girlfriends don’t get together as much as we would like. A book club makes reading a priority and provides a nice structure for a girls’ night out,” Lott said.
As an author, Lott has written and published two novels, The Stork Reality in 2006 and Dating DaVinci in 2008. Encouraging literacy isn’t just job security, it’s a passion for this mother of two in Oklahoma. “Studies have shown …

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[3 Dec 2009 | by Ashley Perkins]
[drink] Signature Drink – Poetic Justice

Drink: Black Forest Latte (made with cocoa, white chocolate and raspberry)
Price: $3.50 for a small, but it was happy hour (every day from 2-4 p.m.), so I got this tasty treat for $1.75!
I drive by Poetic Justice Cafe and Lounge, 550 N. Webb Rd., Suite C-1, every day on my way to work. After a couple of months of wondering what it was like, I decided to venture inside.
The atmosphere is nice, with lots of artwork on the walls and a big comfy couch and the gentleman working behind the …