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[3 Feb 2010 | by Liz Sothman]
[eat] Lunch With Liz: Saigon

Last week, I laid out my plan to eat my way through Wichita chef Tanya Tandoc’s personal favorite places to eat in town – my own version of Julie & Julia. I won’t be tressing any chickens, though. Just eating them, perhaps.
When a friend invited me to lunch with her at Saigon, I jumped at the chance, knowing that it was also on Tanya’s list of where to dine in Wichita. On the way, she prepped me by saying, “People don’t go there for the atmosphere. It’s all about the …

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[2 Feb 2010 | by Tim Kaul]
[drink] Signature Drink: Finn’s

I guess I should start with a disclaimer. I’m a Finn’s guy. I’ve been going to Finn’s for the better part of a decade. I danced with and kissed my now-wife for the first time at Finn’s. I’ve celebrated and grieved at Finn’s. Greg, the head man, and Jason, his steadfast employee, are great bartenders and hosts and are counted among my friends. So the idea of going on a Thursday  to hang out and take a look at their signature drinks struck me as a fine way to kill …

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[2 Feb 2010 | by Veronica Hill]
[help] Low-Cost Health Care in Wichita

Most of us don’t have time to get sick. Taking time away from work and family responsibilities isn’t an option for many. And while Groundhog Day may tell us winter is on the way out, being a target for both seasonal and non-seasonal illnesses never lets up.
Everyone knows that getting sick sucks. Worse, everyone knows that paying for getting sick sucks. Yes, there are assistance programs out there, but many of them seem to be open to only a certain income bracket or only available to single-parent families or individuals …

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[1 Feb 2010 | by Bailey Ketterman]
[drink] How to Fit In at a Dive Bar

We’re almost done with our tutorials, kids, and I hope that my wisdom has helped you expand your options for pursuing libations (and potential lovers). We’ve explored the cougar-laden jungles of the Yuppie Bar (Fox and Hounders, unite!) and the rowdy recesses of the Sports Bar (with excellent timing, if I do say so myself). And now, the pièce de résistance, The Dive Bar.
Do not underestimate these local watering holes. They are safe havens for those desperately in need of a drink, a date, or a discreet …

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[1 Feb 2010 | by Brandon McPeak]
[eat] Breakfast at Copper Oven

I started the day last Tuesday with the intent of hitting a local breakfast spot for two purposes: for one, I have a column past-due for which I need to write about a hole-in-the-wall restaurant; for two, what superstition I have tells me that starting out the first day of the semester with an enjoyable and hearty breakfast has got to put me on proper footing.
My footing was lost, so to speak, in finding that footing when my partner for the outing informed me at 7:30 a.m. that said local …

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[29 Jan 2010 | by Jenn Garvin]
[do] Make the Most of Kansas’ Birthday

Today is a momentous holiday. It celebrates a good friend of ours who has never failed to give us an interesting night out, a quirky bit of gossip, a fun alternative to a mainstream idea, or seriously crazy weather. January 29, in short, is Kansas Day.
Back in 1861, when the land that is now our beloved home was known as “Bleeding Kansas” for its violent massacres and disputes, the Unites States officially declared Kansas a free state of the Union. Being the land of abolitionist extremist John Brown and an …

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[29 Jan 2010 | by verb [ICT] staff]
[win] Invent a Drink for Cocktails and Cookies!

Calling all mixologists! The Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland are in search of a signature drink to serve at Cocktails and Cookies, a fundraiser to be held March 4 at the Wichita Hyatt.
Win yourself a ticket (a $75 value) by inventing an adult beverage that would pair well with a Girl Scout cookie-based dessert. Think Caramel deLites, Lemonades, Peanut Butter Patties, or the ever-popular Thin Mints.
The drink will be served alongside cookie-based desserts made by notable local chefs. Your only rule: The beverage must be green in color.
You can leave …

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[28 Jan 2010 | by verb [ICT] staff]
[adopt] a New Friend from the Kansas Humane Society

Every week, we feature a few adorable, adoptable pets from the Kansas Humane Society and dare you to resist their cute lil’ faces. Want to bring one of these loveable cats or dogs home with you? Visit KHS from 11 am – 6:30 pm Monday through Saturday and 1 – 5 pm Sunday. Have a happy adoption story to tell? Email us at editors@verbict.com and we might feature you in an upcoming post.

Freckles, a 2-year-old Pointer Mix, is a playful guy who is looking for someone to take him on …

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[28 Jan 2010 | by Steph Barnard]
[wear] Women’s Winter Fashion Essentials

Winter in Wichita is nothing if not schizophrenic. We went from a white Christmas to an extreme cold snap to springlike temperatures in just a few weeks. While you may be ready to start shopping for shorts, the harsh reality is that spring is still months away. The good news? Now is a great time to stock up on winter essentials; local boutiques like Pink Saloon, Wild at Heart and Eccentricity are having big sales to make room for new spring merchandise.
We’ve already covered men’s winter fashion; ladies, here are …

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[27 Jan 2010 | by Maria Mannani]
[do] Live it Up in Old Town

After I moved out of my parents’ house at the ripe age of 21, I knew immediately I wanted to live in Old Town. Why? There is always something going on. Between the summer concerts in the Old Town Market Square, the various street performers, being within walking distance of all the bars and restaurants and a 15-minute drive from every side of Wichita, there are many benefits to living in Old Town.
Where to eat: From American cuisine to Mediterranean dining, Old Town has numerous dining options, including, Playa Azul, a …

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[27 Jan 2010 | by Jana Curl]
[go] Main Street in McPherson

Whenever I end up in a small town, the first place I want to go is Main Street. Every town has one and some have more life than others. McPherson, Kansas, has a Main Street that will keep you busy, full and entertained for an entire day.
To make sure you have enough energy to complete your Main Street McPherson journey, you must get a good breakfast. Neighbors Café is the place to be. With cinnamon rolls the size of your head and homestyle breakfast offerings, you will …

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[27 Jan 2010 | by Liz Sothman]
[eat] Lunch With Liz: Hana Cafe

Last week, in the first installation of Lunch with Liz, I detailed my venture to the new neighborhood joint in College Hill, with the fitting name College Hill Deli & Catering.
That week, as I was flipping through the Go! section of Friday’s Wichita Eagle, I became inspired. Yes folks, food inspires me; I’m aware it’s ridiculous. Wichita’s own famous foodie and chef, Tanya Tandoc, listed her personal favorite places to eat in town. After oooing and ahhhing at what I was reading, I decided to take a sort of “Julie …

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[26 Jan 2010 | by Jessica White]
[drink] The Quest for the Best Bloody Mary

It’s Sunday… or Tuesday… or any day. You wake up and know you MUST find a bloody Mary. So where should you go? I took it upon myself to taste (and rate) some of Wichita’s finest.
Harry’s Uptown Bar & Grill
Since it’s Harry’s, you know you’re going to get liquored up anyway; the drinks are always cheap and pack a punch. The Bloody Mary was satisfying – well-balanced, peppery, with a hint of something that tasted like okra juice. The garnishes were basic (olives and lime), and the glass was smaller …

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[26 Jan 2010 | by Ashley Perkins]
[do] A Girls’ Day Out That Won’t Break the Bank

About six years ago, a few of my girlfriends and I started to have “Personal Wellness Days” every few months. These were days designed for relaxation and fun, or what most people would call a “Girls’ Day Out.” The activities varied from brunch to massages to dinners out and they were always great. In more recent times, however, the economy has changed the way we approach our time together. We do more nights in, making appetizers and sharing bottles of wine at someone’s house or apartment. And even though we’re …

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[25 Jan 2010 | by Veronica Hill]
[do] Hang Out With the Gravity Slashers

It’s probably time that I come clean about something. I’ve needed to confess this to you for a while now. I am a poser.
A hardcore, legitimate poser. When I find a fad I’m interested in, I get into it hardcore. It’s sad, I know. I shamelessly delve into popular culture’s current obsessions to see if I can swing it. I investigate enough to make myself believable in conversation and tweak my outfit so I look authentic, but eventually I figure out it’s probably not for me and move on.
So when …