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[17 Mar 2010 | by Jana Curl | 4 Comments]
[think] Idiot’s Guide to March Madness

People wearing festive colors with big smiles on their faces, making a list and checking it twice. You think I’m talking about Christmas? Au contraire, mon frère, I am talking about something better than Christmas – March Madness! Sorry, Andy Williams, but you are going to have to make room for Andy Katz because THIS is truly the most wonderful time of the year. If you see me this month, there is a pretty good chance I am singing “One Shining Moment” in my head. And …

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[26 Feb 2010 | by Eric Wittman | 47 Comments]
[do] Out with the Guys? Quote These Movies

I’ve been a bachelor for most of my late twenties. For whatever reason, I just haven’t found that special lady I want to settle down with. Some people might call this a fear of commitment… and those people would probably be right. And since I’m rapidly approaching 30, I’m finding most of my guy friends are either married or in serious relationships.
I do my best to not be “that friend;” you know, the friend that women in relationships hate their men hanging out with. I try to be cordial …

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[16 Feb 2010 | by Dani Stone | 127 Comments]
[watch] Wichita Children’s Theatre

Lately Wichita has been in the grip of some pretty cold and snowy weather. Parents, I know you’re working overtime to battle cabin fever and entertain the wee ones. If you’re like me, you’ve played more games of UNO Attack than you can count and spent a fortune at Blockbuster renting animated movies, hoping for just one more hour of peace and quiet. Take heart, weary moms and dads: another affordable entertainment option begins next week with the Wichita Children’s Theatre “Once Upon A Time” series or, as my 5-year-old …

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[19 Jan 2010 | by Shea Sylvia | 104 Comments]
[think] East vs. West: The East Side = The Best Side

Wait a minute, Westsiders! Before you drive your jumbo-sized SUVs off a cliff after reading this post, you should know it’s the finale in a two-part “duel” between a passionate Westsider and an equally passionate Eastsider and the West Side had its moment of glory yesterday. But don’t leave the debate up to us – be sure to chime in with a comment about why YOUR side of town is superior.
When I moved to Wichita five years ago, I settled into an apartment on the Northeast side because it was …

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[18 Jan 2010 | by Andrea Anglin | 22 Comments]
[think] East vs. West: Long Live the Wild West Side

Hold on Eastsiders, before you get your Bradley Fair-purchased panties in a bunch about this post, you should know it’s the first in a two-part “duel” between a passionate Westsider and an equally passionate Eastsider. So while we encourage you to comment away about why YOUR side of town is superior, the East side will officially get its turn tomorrow.
I was born and raised on the West Side of Wichita and I’m damn proud of it. I know Eastsiders think Westsiders are all farmers and rednecks, but it …