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[12 Jul 2010 | by Claire Suellentrop | 11 Comments]
[listen] LIV Music and Arts Festival Recap

It was hot.
Really hot. As in, people were so drenched with sweat they looked like they’d just crawled out of a swimming pool.
Despite the B.O.–inducing heat, music lovers flooded the Commerce Arts District June 19 to partake in Wichita’s first LIV Music and Arts Festival. They were rewarded with live performances by local artists and plenty of Tallgrass beer.
“We should have had tents, we should have had misters,” festival organizer Adam Hartke said, laughing. “Next year, we won’t repeat those mistakes.”
As advocates of all things live and local, my friend …

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[28 Jun 2010 | by Claire Suellentrop | 43 Comments]
[do] Haunted Wichita

Having spent my K-12 years in Wichita, I am ashamed to say that I never went ghost hunting. Kansas is bursting with creepy legends and haunted sites: there’s the alleged gateway to hell in Stull, the ghosts of General Custer and his wife in the barracks of Fort Riley, and the plethora of spooks and spirits in Atchison. Closer to home is the Hutchinson Public Library, where the ghost of former librarian Ida Day Holzapfel is said to reside, and the mysterious little girl at Robinson Middle School who bangs on the lockers after dark. Despite these opportunities for adventure, however, I was always too wimpy to get acquainted with the spectral citizens of the ICT. So, to make up for my lost years (and to benefit future seekers of the supernatural), I took an abbreviated journey around the area’s most famous haunts

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[25 Jun 2010 | by Ashley Perkins | 8 Comments]
[think] The Restaurant Experience

There’s something so nice about a great dining out experience. When the drinks are flowing, the food is hot and delicious and the atmosphere is special, everyone leaves the restaurant feeling good and anxious to return for a second visit.
But, as you and I know, it doesn’t always go like that. Sometimes your water glass stays unexplicably empty for half the meal. The food comes out, and you have a fries instead of the side salad you ordered (or worse, vice versa). You leave feeling frustrated and grumbling, “well, I’ll …

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[9 Jun 2010 | by Jenn Garvin | 12 Comments]
[do] Composting in the City: A How-To Guide

As I ambled down the road that led from Clueless Consumer to Totally Eco Savvy I was inspired to try organic cooking, energy efficient light bulbs, locally grown groceries and (of course) recycling. These are pretty standard “Green” enterprises that can be practiced without your friends thinking you’ve gone crazy. My last project, not so much. My friends are giving me funny looks because my new pursuit sounds like something totally out of place in the city, but I don’t care. I’ve seen it work magic in my life, and …

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[26 Apr 2010 | by Jenn Garvin | 9 Comments]
[help] HIV/AIDS Resources in Wichita

This is the first article I’ve written that has, literally, turned heads – even before it was published.
As I type, it’s a two-and-a-half-sentence blurb in an untitled Word document. How have I accomplished this amazing feat of soliciting public interest so quickly? I can’t be sure, but the laptop screen full of “AIDS Group Therapy” “AIDS Counseling” and “Treatment for Your HIV/AIDS” tabs might have something to do with it.
While sitting in a café, one out of every three guests to pass my table turns around to get a good …