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[16 May 2010 | by Bailey Ketterman | 15 Comments]
[primp] Spray Tanning

I abhor the sun. I mean, I give it props for lighting the world and everything, but its cancer-causing rays really bother me. I do enough damage to my body on my own, thank you very much, I don’t need any help from an ever-present orb in the sky. As a former lifeguard, my 25-year-old skin has already begun to show the effects of two decades of sun (and, yes, tanning-bed) worshipping. I’ve already had a much- too-close-for-comfort call with an itty-bitty place on my back; …

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[12 Apr 2010 | by Stephanie Cloud Seery | 47 Comments]
[primp] Semplifi Hair Care Challenge – Part 2

A few weeks ago, my daughters and I embarked on an experiment to try a hair product line called Semplifi. The plan was to try the products for a few weeks, meet with the developer of the line again for his final opinion on how our hair had changed, and then give you our feedback.
A family emergency meant that we weren’t able to meet with Al for our final assessment. Also, we added a little twist to the experiment. While it’s great that De-al Salon has been so helpful to …

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[10 Mar 2010 | by Stephanie Cloud Seery | 5 Comments]
[primp] Semplifi Hair Care Challenge

Hello, my name is Stephanie, and I’m a recovering hair product snob.
There, I said it. I’ve been hooked on high-end hair products since I was 17. Before that, my idea of splurging on “good” shampoo was to buy Pantene or Aussie at the supermarket instead of Suave. I’m not kidding; I went from Suave to Aveda on one sunny afternoon in a salon on Douglas, and I never went back.
Well, maybe that’s not entirely true. My income hasn’t always been able to match my appetite, so I’ve been willing to …

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[19 Feb 2010 | by verb [ICT] staff | 81 Comments]
[primp] Local Beauty Options

Guest post by Kelsey Metzinger
Hello everyone, my name is Kelsey and I am an addict…
…and by addict, I mean beauty product addict. Nothing else makes me feel as good as buying a new lipstick. I make pilgrimages to far away cities to shop the cosmetic counters of Nordstrom and Saks. I spend copious amounts of time online in search of whatever is deemed the “it” product by the beauty editors. And like millions of other women (and a few men) I pray to the church of Sephora. Beauty products …

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[26 Jan 2010 | by Ashley Perkins | 51 Comments]
[do] A Girls’ Day Out That Won’t Break the Bank

About six years ago, a few of my girlfriends and I started to have “Personal Wellness Days” every few months. These were days designed for relaxation and fun, or what most people would call a “Girls’ Day Out.” The activities varied from brunch to massages to dinners out and they were always great. In more recent times, however, the economy has changed the way we approach our time together. We do more nights in, making appetizers and sharing bottles of wine at someone’s house or apartment. And even though we’re …