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[2 Jul 2010 | by Kelly Ellenz | 11 Comments]
[play] The Wichita Wild: Arena Football 101

If you’re looking for something different to do on Friday, consider a Wichita Wild game. My brother-in-law told me he thought I would like it because it’s fast-paced and fans sit really close to the game. He was right. The game moves quickly, there’s always something going on during breaks in play (such as T-shirt giveaways, the dance team performing, a rib-eating contest – In know, right?!), and they have a fully stocked bar.
I consider arena football a cross between football and hockey. You move a soccer game indoors, and it’s faster-paced. Same thing happens …

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[29 Dec 2009 | by verb [ICT] staff | 93 Comments]
[play] Five Free Flash Games That Don’t Suck

Guest post by Dustin Deckard
Let’s face it – everybody likes games. I do, you do, your mom on Facebook does (Farmville, much?). But just because you don’t have an Xbox 360, a PS3 or a mammoth computer system doesn’t mean you’re limited to crappy Facebook games (Farmville, much?) and more Wii Sports. Here’s a few computer games that will run on just about everything (even your netbook or ancient office computer!) and won’t cost you a penny. Plus, they have the added advantage of being good, as well as all …