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[23 Jun 2010 | by Jenn Garvin | 76 Comments]
[nest] Mr. Midwest Goes Green, Pt. 2

When I spoke with Joel Spedding last month, he was suffering from green lethargy. While the idea of being transformed from posh, carefree, urban consumer into a posh, mindful, urban hippie had its allure at the onset, he was dragging his feet a week into the project. I voiced the suspicion that he had fallen victim to smelly tree-hugger stereotyping. He didn’t argue otherwise.
Preparing for our first follow-up since his green mini-revolution, I was nervous that I would have nothing to report. I was afraid that our second interview …

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[11 Jun 2010 | by Denise Grays | 18 Comments]
[nest] Inside Innes Station

As a lifelong Wichitan, I’ve watched Old Town evolve and develop over the years. Time passes and formerly polluted ground becomes shops and clubs, and neglected warehouses become trendy loft living spaces. I was curious about what the living spaces were really like on the inside. Not just an empty model space a property manager would show you, but a home once someone moves in and breathes life into the place.
I met artist Kyle Kolkovich at a tweetup at Old Chicago in Old Town, where she mentioned she …

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[2 Jun 2010 | by Maria Mannani | 2 Comments]
[nest] Great Car Repair Shops in Wichita

I’m convinced that living life without a car would be very difficult or impossible for me. I need my car. It takes me anywhere I need or want to go. It’s reliable. However, there are two things that keep it in working order: gasoline and maintenance. The only unpleasant aspect that comes with owning a car is vehicle maintenance and repairs. It can get costly. Fortunately, there are several affordable car maintenance centers here in Wichita that do quality work.

Chris’ Mobile Auto Service (1905 S. Lulu St.) offers quality work …

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[25 May 2010 | by Jenn Garvin | 9 Comments]
[nest] Mr. Midwest Goes Green, Pt. 1

The man you see pictured is quite the up and comer about Wichita. He graduated college a little over a year ago and has since worked his way up the social food chain to become a recognizable face in College Hill. Have you been to the cozy little Il Vicino that faces Douglas? Have you sat at the stretch bar on a cold night or taken your salad and wine to the patio on a warm spring day? A lot of Wichitans have, and many of them know this …

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[19 Apr 2010 | by Stephanie Cloud Seery | 86 Comments]
[nest] Container Gardening

I live on several acres, out of town, and I already have two garden patches going. Yet, I’m a BIG FAN of container gardening. Why? It allows me to keep kitchen herbs, well, in the kitchen. Also, some things are better in containers. Mint, for example, will take over your yard and can kill off other plants by stripping moisture out of the soil. Keeping it in a container is convenient and less of a hassle than trying to keep it confined to it’s own bed. Also, some plants work …