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[19 Jul 2010 | by Molly Martin | 48 Comments]
[move] Where to Run in Wichita

I am not an expert on running. I don’t run every day. I don’t run every other day. To put it simply, I run when I want to run.
But I do have a few preferences: no music, no watch, no machine. This third preference refers to the treadmill. Stationary running just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, but I acknowledge its use when the weather is hazardous or when working out seems dreadful without the TV’s distraction.
Even though the weather may sometimes be hazardous due to July’s heat …

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[5 Apr 2010 | by verb [ICT] staff | 126 Comments]
[move] Find Something You Love

Guest post by Jamie Morton
The first few months of any new year are an exciting time when you work at a gym. There’s an influx of new faces, fresh blood and resolutions. Most of those resolutions are forgotten around March, when the health clubs start to thin out again. A few of the new faces stick around, but for the most part, come March there are enough treadmills and ellipticals again, and it’s back to business-as-usual for us fitness professionals.
Maybe you began this year as one of the resolved; maybe …

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[31 Mar 2010 | by verb [ICT] staff | 52 Comments]
[move] Get Walking for a Good Cause

Guest post by Mark Thomas Kenny
As spring rapidly approaches, I find myself anxiously searching for ways to dislodge those 15 pounds of winter-justified warmth that the new Freddy’s in Derby so graciously bestowed upon me. After many midday musings, I concluded that I simply couldn’t be so selfish as to hang my red cape and blue tights in a locker at the Y to go walk aimlessly on a treadmill next to Johnny B.O. when so many people are in need of help. I remembered all the Facebook in,vitations …

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[29 Mar 2010 | by Tim Kaul | 65 Comments]
[move] Till I Collapse: Reality Check

Why do you go to the gym? Or why is it that you’d like to start getting in shape? Before last week, I might have said it’s the health benefits. But why did I really want to hit the gym? I wanted to be 6 feet, 5 inches of twisted steel and sex appeal. Yep, I wanted to be that guy, the one wives and girlfriends sighed over and husbands/boyfriends made disparaging comments about because they didn’t quite stack up. Dreams of running miles before …

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[15 Mar 2010 | by Stephanie Cloud Seery | 102 Comments]
[do] Scuba in Wichita (Yes, Really)

I went scuba diving Sunday. In Wichita.
As it turns out, there’s a thriving scuba community in ICT, and after my “Discover Scuba” class Sunday, I can certainly see why. Even though I was only in the pool at the Heskett Center in just 4 feet of water… after about 15 minutes, I was hooked.
How did I get myself into this situation? I started out investigating this elusive scuba scene by interviewing a scuba instructor who is probably familiar to many: Dave Freeman, chief meteorologist for KSNW. He literally lit up …