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[30 Jun 2010 | by Dani Stone | 18 Comments]
[help] Giving Blood: Not as Scary as You Think

When Jennifer Keller, Communications Manager for the American Red Cross, contacted verb [ICT] about doing a story on giving blood, I didn’t exactly jump at the chance to participate. Like many people, I have my own reasons for not donating. Until today, the most significant reason was that I have tiny veins and I’m hard to get blood from. Even my sister, who happens to be a phlebotomist at the American Red Cross, couldn’t convince me. Like many people, I just didn’t have all the facts.
Because the Red Cross adheres to strict standards regarding who can give, …

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[3 May 2010 | by Dani Stone | 80 Comments]
[meet] Earnest Alexander from Youth Horizons

One of the great things about writing for verb [ICT] is meeting new people. Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the most inspirational men in Wichita, Earnest Alexander. Earnest is the co-founder of Youth Horizons, an organization serving to mentor at-risk youth.
When I arrived at the Youth Horizons office on east Douglas, I was greeted by warm staff members who led me to the office Earnest shares with his longtime assistant, Willa Gale. Willa, who describes herself as Earnest’s biggest fan, was excited …

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[26 Apr 2010 | by Jenn Garvin | 9 Comments]
[help] HIV/AIDS Resources in Wichita

This is the first article I’ve written that has, literally, turned heads – even before it was published.
As I type, it’s a two-and-a-half-sentence blurb in an untitled Word document. How have I accomplished this amazing feat of soliciting public interest so quickly? I can’t be sure, but the laptop screen full of “AIDS Group Therapy” “AIDS Counseling” and “Treatment for Your HIV/AIDS” tabs might have something to do with it.
While sitting in a café, one out of every three guests to pass my table turns around to get a good …

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[7 Apr 2010 | by Ashley Perkins | 9 Comments]
[drink] Midwest Winefest Walkabout

The fourth Thursday in April is my favorite holiday – it’s like Christmas, Fourth of July and St. Patrick’s Day all rolled into one. No, it’s not my birthday, or some obscure religious celebration. This is the date of the Midwest Winefest Walkabout, or WINEFEST, as my friends and I refer to it.
April 22, 2010 will be my seventh year in a row of attending the event, which is a fundraiser for the Guadalupe Clinic and the first of the two-day Midwest Winefest. Although I’ve heard great things about the …

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[31 Mar 2010 | by verb [ICT] staff | 52 Comments]
[move] Get Walking for a Good Cause

Guest post by Mark Thomas Kenny
As spring rapidly approaches, I find myself anxiously searching for ways to dislodge those 15 pounds of winter-justified warmth that the new Freddy’s in Derby so graciously bestowed upon me. After many midday musings, I concluded that I simply couldn’t be so selfish as to hang my red cape and blue tights in a locker at the Y to go walk aimlessly on a treadmill next to Johnny B.O. when so many people are in need of help. I remembered all the Facebook in,vitations …