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[19 Jul 2010 | by Molly Martin | 48 Comments]
[move] Where to Run in Wichita

I am not an expert on running. I don’t run every day. I don’t run every other day. To put it simply, I run when I want to run.
But I do have a few preferences: no music, no watch, no machine. This third preference refers to the treadmill. Stationary running just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, but I acknowledge its use when the weather is hazardous or when working out seems dreadful without the TV’s distraction.
Even though the weather may sometimes be hazardous due to July’s heat …

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[30 Jun 2010 | by Molly Martin | 100 Comments]
[shop] Cute Jewelry and Accessory Stores

Although I own a small amount of jewelry, I have a great appreciation for the most unique of accessories. Never mind the latest trends — accessories should express who you are. I have found a handful of boutiques throughout the Wichita area that can help with this self-expression. Each of these places impressed me with its details. They are some of my favorite hometown treasures, each with a sparkle and a different definition for practical.
1) Pink Saloon (4730 E. Douglas) has the look of a high-style boutique minus the I’m-better-than-you atmosphere. …

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[16 Jun 2010 | by Molly Martin | 62 Comments]
[eat] Where to Find Great Sweet Potato Fries

Among the many options at Thanksgiving dinner growing up were the sweet potatoes, or the orange mushy stuff, as I liked to call it. I remember my mother’s reiteration that I should I least try them because they were healthy. Didn’t she realize that she was talking to the girl who usually just took a few bites of turkey and then tried to beat her pie-eating record from last year? The sweet potatoes remained untouched as I would leave the dining room looking for the whipped cream in the fridge.