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[8 Apr 2010 | by Matt Tharp | One Comment]
[hack] In Which Matt Reviews the iPad

Ah… the much talked about, super-hyped device from Apple is now available (although in limited supply).  There were less than 50 available in Wichita on launch day, so for those of you who haven’t pre-ordered, I thought I would provide my sixty-two cents about the tablet that is hailed (by Apple) as “Magical”.
First, it’s beautiful.  In other obvious news, the sky is blue.  This is one of the most beautiful devices ever – inside and out.  Great user interface, sexy screen, fast and fluid transitions – everything about it is …

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[30 Mar 2010 | by Matt Tharp | 8 Comments]
[wear] Men’s Spring/Summer Essentials

As I look through my closet preparing for Spring 2010, I find myself carefully evaluating my clothes from previous summers with almost complete regret. Aside from my Lacoste polos, which are timeless, I find summer clothing so casual it’s sad – a collection of overly pocketed shorts from mall stores like American something and that place next to Aber-whatever. Mall stores are apparently all buying from the same manufacturer in China, and everything looks falsely worn out and utterly temporary. Maybe it’s my age, but I’m wondering …

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[22 Mar 2010 | by Matt Tharp | 62 Comments]
[shop] Where to Buy Men’s Clothing in Wichita

It’s no secret that I bemoan the men’s shopping options in Wichita and the general lack of fashion that it creates, but I do occassionally find a hidden gem from time to time.  Here are the places I check regularly to update my style:

Von Maur Shoes – Each season, Von Maur finds something unexpected and I try to take advantage. Sometimes I’m even lucky enough to catch that item on the sales rack. My favorite pair of saddle brown Allen Edmunds were a Von Maur sale item.
Dillard’s Shoes – You …

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[15 Feb 2010 | by Matt Tharp | 6 Comments]
[wear] What’s Cool Now: Leather

The best way to offset your technogeek smartphone and gadget accessories with a dash of style is with leather. No, not provocative chaps or the lame, ubiquitous guy-in-ablack-leather-jacket-at-Applebees kind of leather, but rather a worn saddle, English countryside, inherited it from your father type of hide. I’m talking about heavy messenger bags that look more professorial than bicyclist, raw leather belts that actually look handmade rather than Kenneth Cole-made, deep brown or carmel colored boots and shoes that seem to enjoy being leather, rather than try to hide …

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[15 Jan 2010 | by Matt Tharp | 17 Comments]
[think] What’s Cool Now: The Future

When verb [ICT] asked me to write a weekly column about trends, I thought it would be important to establish a few things up front:

I like gadgets
I like the interwebs
I am into clothes
I like to make things
I’m obsessed with well-designed anything

So to kick off 2010 properly, here’s what I think is cool for the whole damn year: The Future. For the first time in 21st century, I feel like we finally have some futuristic shit to enjoy. Sure, we don’t have teleportation or flying cars, we can’t push a …