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[17 Dec 2009 | by Lynn Brickley | 107 Comments]
[do] Homemade Holiday Gifts That Don’t Suck

“It’s the thought that counts.”
Every year I hear someone use this line in reference to Christmas gifts. It often prompts me to ask, “If it’s the thought that counts, what the hell were they thinking?” The economy has made it more difficult than ever to afford to give a quality gift, and while many people like to say it doesn’t matter what you get for Christmas – it’s about family and togetherness – those are the same people who gave you a used coffee mug they got as …

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[16 Nov 2009 | by Lynn Brickley | 17 Comments]
[go] Top 10 Places to go in Manhattan, Kansas

Affectionately dubbed “The Little Apple,” Manhattan, Kansas might not be a booming metropolis like its same-named counterpart in New York, but for Wichitans looking to get out of the city for the weekend, the town offers a nice reprieve. Only two and a half hours from ICT, Manhattan is a quick and inexpensive getaway. As a Wichita native who moved to Manhattan for school and has just sort of stuck around ever since, I can honestly say that Manhattan has a certain charm you won’t find many other places. …