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[7 May 2010 | by Eric Wittman | 61 Comments]
[do] Wright Here in Wichita: The Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright

If you find yourself feeling artsy and suddenly have the urge to start traveling, write poetry, and study architecture, there’s no need to drop a wad of cash, fly to Europe, and start living out of a backpack. Simply venture to the east side of Wichita, and take in the beauty of two amazing projects from one of America’s greatest architects, Frank Lloyd Wright.
The first building is a residence in the College Hill neighborhood. Located at 255 N. Roosevelt, the Allen-Lambe house was designed in 1915 and occupied …

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[26 Feb 2010 | by Eric Wittman | 47 Comments]
[do] Out with the Guys? Quote These Movies

I’ve been a bachelor for most of my late twenties. For whatever reason, I just haven’t found that special lady I want to settle down with. Some people might call this a fear of commitment… and those people would probably be right. And since I’m rapidly approaching 30, I’m finding most of my guy friends are either married or in serious relationships.
I do my best to not be “that friend;” you know, the friend that women in relationships hate their men hanging out with. I try to be cordial …