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[30 Jul 2010 | by verb [ICT] staff | 60 Comments]
Daily [snap] – Summer Storm

Summer Storm | Photo by Jen Lancaster

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[30 Jul 2010 | by Dani Stone | 559 Comments]
[meet] Via Christi’s New West Campus

Over the past few years, the west side of Wichita has seen an influx of minor emergency centers and specialty doctors. Take a drive around the west side and you’ll find dentists and orthodontists a-plenty. Now, we have a new hospital: Via Christi Hospital on W. St. Teresa.
Just past the Northwest YMCA, off 21st Street, Via Christi West sits on 120 acres surrounded by open pastures, overlooking the Mohr family barn, listed on the National Register Of Historic Places. The location will appeal to rural patients who don’t want to come to the “big city,” …

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[26 Jul 2010 | by Claire Suellentrop | 175 Comments]
[go] Southern Kansas

When hearing citizens of rural Kansas towns describe Wichita as a “big city,” I’ve never been able to keep a straight face. I mean, come on. Our skyline is backed by grain elevators. Drive an hour in any direction, and you’ll hit rows of fields. And if you’re thinking about using public transportation to travel downtown, you might be better off with a good pair of walking shoes.
However, a Labor Day road trip through southern Kansas may have caused me to put my “metropolitan” foot in my mouth. There was …

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[26 Jul 2010 | by verb [ICT] staff | 51 Comments]
Daily [snap] – Grilling

Grilling | Photo by Kim from Kansas

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[23 Jul 2010 | by verb [ICT] staff | 165 Comments]
Daily [snap] – Kung Fu Diving

Kung Fu Diving | Photo by Jen Lancaster